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פירוט שפת תכנות - תווים - ()isControl

2022-06-14 09:59:55
פונקציית ()isControl מנתחת האם התו הוא תו בקרה (לדוגמה להזזת סמן, ניקוי מסך וכו').


קוד: בחר הכל

thisChar - התו המנותח.

הפונקציה מחזירה true או false בהתאם לתוצאת הניתוח.


קוד: בחר הכל
  Character analysis operators

  Examples using the character analysis operators.
  Send any byte and the sketch will tell you about it.

  created 29 Nov 2010
  modified 2 Apr 2012
  by Tom Igoe

  This example code is in the public domain.


void setup() {
  // Open serial communications and wait for port to open:
  while (!Serial) {
    ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for native USB port only

  // send an intro:
  Serial.println("send any byte and I'll tell you everything I can about it");

void loop() {
  // get any incoming bytes:
  if (Serial.available() > 0) {
    int thisChar = Serial.read();

    // say what was sent:
    Serial.print("You sent me: \'");
    Serial.print("\'  ASCII Value: ");

    // analyze what was sent:
    if (isAlphaNumeric(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's alphanumeric");
    if (isAlpha(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's alphabetic");
    if (isAscii(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's ASCII");
    if (isWhitespace(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's whitespace");
    if (isControl(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's a control character");
    if (isDigit(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's a numeric digit");
    if (isGraph(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's a printable character that's not whitespace");
    if (isLowerCase(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's lower case");
    if (isPrintable(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's printable");
    if (isPunct(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's punctuation");
    if (isSpace(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's a space character");
    if (isUpperCase(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's upper case");
    if (isHexadecimalDigit(thisChar)) {
      Serial.println("it's a valid hexadecimaldigit (i.e. 0 - 9, a - F, or A - F)");

    // add some space and ask for another byte:
    Serial.println("Give me another byte:");

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